• Procredit $16.95/month for refresh of all three reports & scores every 30 days. Membership includes many other benefits.  Click Here
  • Procredit FREE trial membership.  All three reports & scores.  Click Here
  • Lifelock - Monitoring & Identity Protection.  Click Here
  • Free Annual Credit Reports. The official website is annualcreditreport.com.  All three reports are free once every 12 months.

There are other sources online. Most of them are acceptable for our purposes, but please make sure to send the FULL reports, preferably saved as PDF files. Screenshots of individual pages or a snapshot/summary page is not sufficient. (Many people find it easier to send us their login info).

Adobe Scan is a helpful tool that allows you to use your phone as a scanner and combine pages into a single pdf file. Android iPhone

After you have received your reports, please email them to reports@bcrconsulting.us.  Once we receive your credit reports, we will promptly evaluate them and contact you to discuss the accounts. At that time we will explain our strategy for your credit and score improvement.

You may also fax them to us at (866) 829-0222 or mail them to:

BCR Consulting, 3921 Steck Ave, Suite A114, Austin TX 78759.