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BCR has been providing exceptional, personalized credit repair service since 2008. We are members of the Credit Consultants Association (CCA) and are certified by the National Association of Credit Service Organizations (NACSO). We  are a highly ethical company and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  BCR Consulting’s credit restoration process has helped thousands of people to remove from their Credit Reports questionable items such as:

Late Payments – Charge Offs – Collections – Foreclosures – Judgments – Repossessions

Bankruptcies – Tax Liens

Our credit repair specialists will analyze your credit reports and devise a strategy that will optimize your best chance of improving your scores, as effectively and timely as possible. We write personalized letters that appear to the credit bureaus to be coming from you, an informed consumer. You will receive all correspondence from the credit bureaus reflecting changes that we have requested on your behalf.  Once you receive this correspondence, please scan and email this documentation to BCR in a timely manner. We will need the documentation in order to verify deletions and updates. It is important you forward ALL documentation from the credit bureaus in order for us to document your case and build an audit trail. Once we receive your documentation, we can continue diligently working on your behalf to improve your scores.

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To get started we will FIRST need your credit reports, even prior to speaking with you. Your credit reports can be obtained the following ways:  Obtain your credit reports here

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