I used one of the top rated companies listed on this website for credit repair for over a year paying almost $100/month and absolutely nothing on my credit report was deleted. I felt like I was doing most of the work anyway. A friend had told me about BCR Consulting and I decided to take one more chance. Not only did they get numerous items removed from my credit bureaus, they did most of the work! All I had to do was send them my credit letters and reports sent to me. I couldn’t believe the low cost either. I wish I had known about them first. I could have saved a lot of money and time. My credit score was 580 and now it’s 720. I’m so pleased with this company! I am referring everyone I know who needs help with credit repair to them.+1

I have been working with Matt since 2009 and I just want to thank you for all the hard work that you do for me and my clients. It is greatly appreciated! Without you, they would not be able to purchase a house.

Please use this company, he will not trick you or try to swindle you out of your money with NO results. Very trustworthy and works hard to get your credit cleaned.

Great company to work with. I’ve been working with him 6 years and counting!+5

This is the only company doing this, I thought it was only a catch but it is true. They want me to pay only if they manage to get some of the bad stuff deleted from my credit files. BCR its already working on my credit but I didn’t pay a single dollar yet.

I just hire them yesterday on the spot, so far all I can say is that they seem to know what they are doing, it seems to be a professional team with very good knowledge of the law… We’ll see, I’ll post back in a couple of months+7

By far the BEST credit consulting company I have ever worked with. In a matter of months, I had DOZENS of deletions off of my credit report. Customer service was absolutely incredible; assisting me every step of the way in understanding how credit repair works, where I stood on all 3 credit reporting agencies, payment and billing and overall ease of experience. I will NEVER use another agency for my credit needs. The owner is a TOP NOTCH man with an aptitude and expertise in his profession that sets him far apart from him competitors. THANK YOU BCR!+1

Credit repair is in progress! I think I like these guys. Very professional and they work around my schedule, not theirs. Currently working with a guy named Matt and so far I like whats going on. Credit repair is never fun but if the right people take care of you, then one knows how referrals go. So far, I feel good about the results. I’ll keep you all posted…+3

Wow! Truly amazing what Matt Brown was able to do for us. He brought my score up and made some things fall off like nothing. Super responsive as well! This is one of those cases where actions speak louder than words. Thank you Matt for all your hard work! We’ll be contacting you after the holidays to get my girl’s credit repaired just like you did with mine.

A million thank you’s and keep up the incredible work! 

Matt Brown, owner of BCR Consulting, has helped numerous clients of mine over the past several years successfully repair their credit and find their new home. My job is to provide financing for those looking to purchase their dream home and his guidance is very important. Matt has helped my clients obtain excellent credit when they thought there was no hope. Matt and BCR has helped me build solid and long term relationships over the years. I’ve ALWAYS had great feedback and looking forward to referring more clients his way. On behalf of myself and all my clients that have worked with Matt, great job and its been a pleasure working with you!+1

In today’s world it seems like everyone is out for themselves. Trying to make a quick buck off of people who are looking for help to better themselves. After working with several credit repair companies and continuing to shell out money and getting nowhere a friend recommended BCR Consulting. My friend showed me the removals he already had seen with BCR Consulting and he had only been working with them for a couple months. I’m so glad I called them! Now it has been a couple months for me and so far they were able to remove 3 of the negative accounts I showed! I highly recommend them!+3

Honest company that goes to work right away. They were able to get results for me within a couple weeks. They have proven to do what they said they were going to do with NO contracts or monthly fees. I would recommend them for anyone looking to clean their credit,+4

They are great and deliver services as promised. Very honest in what they can or can not do. Would gladly refer them to others.+9

Absolutely wonderful! They got everything we needed removed & more. We were so pleasantly surprised that I am ecstatic right now. We are now buying a house in spite of the odds we were up against until only recently. These guys are the best!+4

It was nice working with an upfront honest company! I would recommend them to anyone looking for credit repair help who isn’t looking to get ripped off.+7

My experience with this company was nothing less than outstanding. Dealt personally with one of their agents (Matt). He above and beyong to personally take care of my needs. Very knowledgeable and professional. This company is aces, and they only get paid if they fix your credit. Thank you for your help, will keep you in mind for future needs.+5

I am so indebted to this company for the epic alteration that took place with my credit score as well as past debts.
I personally dealt with Matt from Better Credit Reports and along with all of the great customer service they provided, I got to witness my credit score jump from a 510 to a 740 in a mere 8 months!
Thanks to Matt & Better Credit Reports!
Never thought there was a remedy for this sort of problem until I called these guys!
You should too!+1

One of the most fairest and transparent credit repair companies out their if not the most transparent where they get paid only if they perform… And they perform. Shah+5

I have been working with BCR for over a year now and with good results. Matt has been great to deal with and helped me and my better half get results. I read these reviews before I started and they helped me make an informed decision before starting. First who else is on a pay for performance scale. No others that I have seen. That means there going to keep working at getting blemishes off your reports to get to the finish line. My scores have dramatically increased while working their program. But you have to approach the program with resolve as it is a process. There may be other companies making crazy claims of massive score jumps don’t waste your time or money. Steady pay for performance from BCR will get you there. I don’t usually post online for anyone but if you find yourself in the credit wilderness like I was in then you need BCR on your side. It works! Call, follow through, and change your financial future. J Smith from Tampa FL+3

These guys were great for getting things off my account and my credit score up! Thanks to Matt who really stayed with me to follow up (even when I forgot to respond). I would recommend these guys to anyone who needs to clean things up before buying a house or car. Thanks again. 

Excellent company! They go to work right away for you. I saw results in just a couple weeks! Continuing to work with them and the price they game me upfront is exactly what I’m paying for. I have shared with friends and family who are seeking help.+1

Matt Brown helped take me from a score of 653 in June 2016 to 723 in September 2016. that’s up by 70 points in 3 months and we are still working on it! The best thing is that after the $39 initiation fee, I did not pay a dime until a negative item was removed from my report. I’m happy because I am looking to re-fi my mortgage while rates are down and would have a very difficult time with what my credit reports were showing.+1

Great friendly people who get the job done. No contract and payment due when deletion takes place. I recommend them if you are looking for a honest company!+4

They prove themselves before they even get paid! Now that is someone working for you! Great company friendly service+5

Awesome service! Fast, professional and willing to do the work to get it done. Ask for Matt Brown he’s the man when it comes to credit repair.+4

They deliver. No charges in advance, no lies. Prices are very reasonable. Definitely I would recommend to family and friends.+4

Amazing! I was young and dumb and didn’t really care about credit. But as I got older I realized how important it was. So being referred to BCR was the best ever! My credit score finally has gone up and I get credit card offers left and right! I highly recommend them and always refer people to them when I hear them talking about their horrible credit.+1

Best credit repair company period! And it gets results. The selfish part of me wants to keep them to myself but since everyone keeps asking me how I purchased my home at such a young age I have to give Matt a lot of credit! 

BCR is very thorough and has excellent communication. Too many times I find myself waiting for a “rep” to contact me back and the company is too big to view me as anything other then a client number. I would highly recommend them, even if to try them out first and if you aren’t satisfied try one of the big guys out.+1

This is an excellent place to fix your credit. I started in the 4’s and now I have reached the 7’s. Great customer service, great prices. I would highly recommend to everyone.+1

These are the good guys in credit repair. They have done a wonderful job on my wife credit+4

After years of living with bad credit, some deserved, some not deserved dings, here’s the answer! BCR acted quickly to clean up my life by cleaning up my credit problems from long ago. What freedom I feel to have credit cards again! And a feeling of having moved on to regular life like others have. It is all thanks to this top service! 

This guys are for real. They do help reasonable prices and conditions. As far as I know this is the only credit repair company that is not a scam.+1

Thanks to this company I’m closing next week on my new house, the realtor told me last year that I wouldn’t be able to buy until 2016, I had to wait for a few bad things to drop off my credit report, these people got them off in 3 months. I don’t know what kind of magic they have but whatever it is… It works+1

I recommend everyone take their business to them. Exceptional in every way throughout the whole process.+2

BCR Consulting is NO Joke.. I thought they were a scam.. However they charged me so little to prove they would be able to remove derogatory accounts off my credit report… AND… They did just what they promised – BCR actually did it! They were able to remove negative credit to bumped up my credit score! THANK YOU! – I recommend them to anyone I know who needs help with their credit rating!+3

It is true, personal service and no payments in advance at all. After each round of disputes they send a invoice listing the items they have deleted from my credit report. Over the last 2 months my score went from 572 to 648, I have paid about $200 so far, they’ll keep working on my file util the last bad account is gone or I cancel the service. Outstanding service

Simply the best, do not look elsewhere for credit repair. Most companies charge monthly membership fees to send letters in futile attempts to remove negative information. BCRC will do the job right and get the negative items removed in a timely manner and only charge you for successful deletions. 

I would recommend BCR Consulting who is looking for help with credit repair and wants to avoid overcharges and long term commitments. They get to work right away and you see the evidence with in weeks of working with them.+3

Hard working company on your behalf which result in exceeding client expectations… GREAT JOB+2

A solid company. Have used several others over the years. The pay per deletion model allows a focus on results. Thank you.+1

This company I must say has helped me the most! I honestly do not see how they are not already #1. BECAUSE THEY ARE #1 IN MY EYES!+1

These folks are the best! They will do so much to improve your overall credit score. So many positive results to list.+1

Probably one of the only honest companies in this field that is out there these days. Highly recommended firm.+1

When Matt Brown starts to work, he is 100% successful. You will see the deletions of your former problems and be amazed how quickly he got it done. All you could ask for, new credit, deletions of long time credit problems and a new credit score, it’s all yours now! I’m completely satisfied and only paid when each problem was disappeared. What a much better life it is now. Try Matt’s service, you will have the good credit that others have. MaryK 

I thought it was a scam at first- but before I had to pay anything that started working away on my bad credit. Proof before payment� what a concept!+5

Awesome results. Deletions kept coming month after month. Thanks!+2

This is BCR. I read a comment below about not accepting debit/credit. We always have but what changed is quite some time ago we took down the option to pay online directly via the website. Debit/credit always welcome & accepted. Thank you+1

So nice to be able to trust someone for a change! Thank you+2

With my mortgage guy now. Scores are way higher than any of us hoped. Thank you!+1

Does everything you need for credit repair very quick and at a cheap price.+1

Fair, honest and reliable, qualities that have became harder and harder to find in most companies. After my experience working with them I recommend BCR without reserves.+3

Great job & we only paid for the items removed. Highly recommended.+1

Very honest company! Great to work with+2

Many thanks! Would highly recommend to anyone that needs help.+1

Honest, professional people. No catch+2

Better results than I could have even imagined. I thought I was doomed. Not only did they get me able to buy a home using FHA mortgage but they were friendly the whole time while doing it.+2

This is by far one of the best that has helped me and Matthew Brown was very helpful. 

Honest, upfront company! Thank you for all the hard work!+1

Very easy to communicate with them and they deliver on what they promised… thanks to everyone who worked on my account… you can’t go wrong with them if you plan to do business with them.+2

A very solid company that delivers exactly what they promised me. 

Couldn’t be more pleased with the results.+1

Sitting with our mortgage guy right now & astonished to see how good our reports look. We can’t believe our eyes. Thank you thank you BCR!+3

Wonderful! I signed up with them in February & we are already able to start looking at houses. We are SO pleased with the results. Much faster than we could have even hoped. THANK YOU BCR!+1

I work with BCR to assist my clients with their credit issues. I have found them to be very professional and responsive to my clients needs. I would recommend them most highly.+1

I worked with Matt based on his ability to help my sister out. Really glad I signed up with with BCR, I was able to get my deletions processed despite TransUnion telling me that my paid negative account would remain on my report.

I will be recommending my other sister to them when she is ready to fix her credit. Thanks again!+1

Best thing to happen to me and that’s a fact. 

Matt Brown at BCR Consulting has been helping my clients for years. I have always received great feedback from my clients and will continue to send my clients in need of credit advice to Matt and BCR Consulting. There is a lot to be said about a company that asks their clients for payment AFTER they get the job done. Not only is that something you rarely find but it shows a lot of confidence in what they are capable of. -Sr. Mortgage Advisor, Michael Campbell+1

I received excellent results with perfect customer service. Matt, from BCR Consulting, stuck with me until my credit issues were completely cleared up. They were complicated. I tried another credit repair company which stopped returning my calls after paying in full, leaving me in the dust. BCR was recommended to me through a real estate agent who guaranteed that this was the real deal. I could not be happier with the outcome. What a relief. I am so grateful to have found competent quality in BCR Consulting. My credit jumped from fair (687) to excellent (777). Thank you! I am grateful and a happy customer. Jyl+1

I want to vote BCR as the Best in credit repair! Very very professional and affordable. You only pay for positive results! I am a very satisfied customer!+1

BCR is the reason we could buy our first home. They raised our score from a 550 to 715. I am so grateful to them! I HIGHLY recommend them! – shelas+2

With their help we just got approved for an FHA mortgage that we never thought was possible around this time last year. So grateful for their help!+1

BCR is hands down the best! I got divorced a few years ago and it messed with my credit including bankruptcy. Matt stepped right in and helped me every step of the way to remove old and incorrect items. BCR has and knows what it takes to repair your credit and I would recommend them to EVERYONE!+1

No messing around with BCR.. they got right to work on my credit repair! Great rates and upfront about what they do and how they bill.+1

BCR Consulting helped delete some negative marks from my past. These guys get the job done and fast! You will not regret it.+1

The first credit repair company charging only for good results.
No payments until the client obtains the first deletions.+1

I love that they only charge you when the account has been deleted. Seeing is believing 🙂 Thank you BCR for all your help!+1

We couldn’t be more happy with the results we got. Will recommend to all our family friends & co-workers.+1

A business you can trust! Love then.. Went from 588 to 630 within 3 months. Reasonable & professional- Thanks BCR+1

Unbelievable, I was told that credit repair is not possible, a scam… BCR has proven that is not always wise to belibe the “official ” opinion. They got it done. I highly recommend them.+3

Me too,
It really works but there is no quick fix, it took over five months+1

Go the job done. Friendly & honest. Recommending to all my co-workers. 

Over the past ten years my credit score has drastically declined. I’ve been working with Matt at BCR for the past few years now and am proud to say that I now have a credit score I’m not embarrassed of. Matt and BCR are truly lifesavers. I’d recommend this company to anyone. If you need some help in the credit department look no further than BCR; trustworthy, reliable, dependable and affordable service with your best interest at heart. Thank you BCR!+1

Matt Brown is great. I emailed him and he responded within hours. Additionally, Matt gave me tips on how to keep me score at an optimal level.

Thanks Matt and BCR! 

So many companies try to scam you… BCR is NO scam.. They do what they say they are going to do! If you’re on some payment plan or if you’re paying and not seeing results then you’re not using BCR. Thank you BCR for NOT wasting my time!+1

I contacted bcs to see if they might be able to help with my poor credit report. They were prompt, honest and straightforward. They didn’t try to sell me a bunch of bs…they looked at my situation and gave me their opinion and didn’t ask for a dime. Thank you.+1